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с 6 апреля 2023 по 13 апреля 2023 года
shapez is a relaxed game in which you have to build factories for the automated production of geometric shapes. As the level increases, the shapes become more and more complex, and you have to spread out on the infinite map.

And as if that wasn't enough, you also have to produce exponentially more to satisfy the demands - the only thing that helps is scaling! While you only have to process shapes at the beginning, you will later have to color them - by extracting and mixing colors!

What people say about shapez

This game is great - I'm having a wonderful time playing, and time has flown by.
- Northernlion, YouTuber

I really should sleep, but I think I just figured out how to make a computer in shapez
- Notch, Creator of Minecraft

This game has stolen my life and I don't want it back. Very chill factory game that won't let me stop making my lines more efficient.
- User